The name says it all… it’s with dignity, and honesty that this company and its owner Fabian Johnson operate. Dignified Air Services is a reliable company that you can count on when your air system is failing you. You call Fabian and he will be at your property at the promised time. thank you Fabian and Dignified Air Services for your help, and your service to our country as a US Marine Corps.

Kituxe N

AC went out before Thanksgiving dinner where I was hosting my mother in her 80s. After waiting a couple of hours for the company we had a contract with to call us back, and the house getting very warm, I tried Dignified and they answered the phone late on Saturday. Over the phone, Sedrick talked me through getting it up and running and explained what caused the problem all at no charge. Will definitely be using them from now on.

Brendan Joyce

I could not have been more pleasantly surprised! Dignified is truly the word to describe the gentleman who came to service our a/c. Diagnosed in seconds. Fixed in minutes and totally affordable. Thank you Dignified Air Services!!

Lisa G

I would Highly Recommend Fabian, of Dignified Air! I have had service techs at my home for years and NO ONE has been as thorough, professional and trustworthy to me, in one visit, as Fabian. My hvac system is 8 years old and starting to leak. Fabian gave me several good choices of replacements and the offer of a temporary fix of “leak stop.” There was no pressure just good professional advice from a guy, who looks you in the eye, someone I found trustworthy. I took a bunch of his cards to hand out to neighbors. I like seeing young people who are ambitious, honest , willing to work and dignified. Now I know why he chose that name. I cannot recommend Fabian enough! I just moved into Floral Lakes and I was delighted to find such a professional. He also came on time, called to tell us he was coming and had a great attitude. Don’t use anyone else! Joe PS: I was so impressed with this young man, whom I talked to for over and hour as he serviced my home, that I spent 1/2 an hour trying to promote his business everywhere on the Net after he left.

Dr. Joseph R

Fabian was absolutely amazing! Extremely friendly and professional from start to finish. He came out on a Thursday evening when my AC completely died on a hot summer night. When my original repair company refused to come out unless we paid an insane amount of money, I looked up alternate companies and found DAS. Fabian came out when we needed him the most, and he carefully and skillfully repaired an issue that the original company had created. Needless to say, the other company is OUT, and Dignified Air Services, LLC is IN! Thank you, Fabian!

Lisa P.

This company is indeed one of those gems I was blessed to find. Professional, on time and personable. Recommending to all my friends!!

Towana L. W.

Dignified air services is the best Ac repair company I’ve ever used in Florida! My AC stopped working in the middle of summer and Fabian came right out and fixed it. Best of all he did it for a lot less money then all my other quotes. Price and quality can’t be beat!

Mike B.

Great service. Very professional and respectful. Great attitude.

Ghitza Serrano

Excellent customer service. I had a complete AC install and these guys went above and beyond to get the job done. They took care of all the permits, plans, and everything. The AC works great and I had no problems with the inspection. I would definitely use them again. Simply the best!

Moeti N

Always do a good job and is very reasonable with their price.

Claudette Rattery

Excellent job in finding why the heater was not putting out the amount of heat needed on a 48′ day. Your honesty is refreshing and being on time was a gift.

Pamela G