Hello Spring! Hello A/C Tune-Up!

Hello Spring! Hello A/C Tune-Up!

Hello Spring! Hello A/C Tune-Up!

Spring into the Season by Getting your A/C in Shape.

Unlike the rest of the country that is still waiting for Spring weather to kick in, the heat is on in Florida. Getting a tune-up will help ensure that your air conditioner unit is working during this warm season, and more importantly that it is prepared for the heat and humidity of the upcoming summer!

While regular air conditioning maintenance is not the first thing that comes to mind when waking up in the morning, it does have its long-term benefits. In fact, EnergyStar recommends having your air conditioner system tuned up annually. This will help prevent breakdowns and be much more economical than having to fix a broken unit, especially when it’s 80 plus degrees outside!

Having an annual tune-up will help keep the condenser and evaporator coils clean from dust, dirt, and other matter that builds up in the system over time. An annual tune-up will also help prevent a mechanical or electrical problem that could lead to the system malfunctioning.

With a scheduled tune-up, one of our licensed HVAC techs will come to your home and check and clean your system. During this time the tech will be able to discover any “under the hood” issues that may be brewing and correct them before they become a serious issue. By doing this process your A/C will function much more efficiently and less likely to malfunction or breakdown completely.

Here are just a few of the items we will check and clean where applicable:

  • The Condenser Coil
  • The Blower Component
  • The Operating Pressures from Refrigerant
  • The Thermostat Calibration
  • The Electrical Collections
  • The Air Filter
  • + More….

Spring has sprung! Give us a call at Dignified Air Services today at (561) 713-9286 and welcome spring with a spring A/C tune-up.

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