Why Automating your A/C Maintenance Can Save You Time, Money & Headaches

Why Automating your A/C Maintenance Can Save You Time, Money & Headaches

Why Automating your A/C Maintenance Can Save You Time, Money & Headaches

Here’s Why a Maintenance Agreement is a Smart Investment for your Air Conditioning Equipment and the Health of your Home

An air conditioning system is one of the most expensive investments in your home. Whether it’s a new air conditioning unit, or an older system in your home, getting it maintained is an important part of keeping it running at peak performance. Regular maintenance can help protect your investment, prolong the life of your equipment, and safeguard the quality of air inside your home.

Most people don’t think about their air conditioning system until it breaks down. And by then––it might be too late. Neglect can damage an air conditioning system beyond repair or can result in a much costlier repair (versus being proactive and making a small investment in a regularly scheduled maintenance check).

Getting a tune-up twice a year is a smart investment in the health of your home and your heating and cooling equipment––and it can also save on utility bills. In addition, busy homeowners don’t have to be concerned with remembering to schedule the maintenance. Once you sign up for a Maintenance Agreement, your maintenance is automatically scheduled, based on your availability. The burden of remembering to schedule is gone.

You wouldn’t think of buying a new car and neglecting to bring it in to get an oil change… would you?

Well, the same holds true for an air conditioner. However, your car typically reminds you to get an oil change when a light notifies you, whereas your A/C equipment does not remind you to get it maintained (unless you have a Maintenance Agreement).

Central air conditioning works hard day in and day out. This especially holds true in Florida during the hot summer months. Your equipment is working overtime and performing its duty by keeping your home cool 24 hours a day. So, getting it cleaned and checked with a 24-point tune-up is a great way to prevent a breakdown.

Here are some top reasons to sign up for an A/C Maintenance Agreement today:

  • No surprise costs: with a pre-paid Maintenance Agreement, you will know the cost upfront.
  • It can prevent you from having to pay after-hours charges in the case of an emergency.
  • Getting a Maintenance Agreement will get you on a priority VIP list, should your unit ever breakdown.
  • A Maintenance Agreement with Dignified Air Services costs less annually than two service calls, and it includes a checkup and tune-up of the entire system twice per year (in addition to discounts on parts).
  • Being proactive with protecting the quality of air in your home can help keep your home healthier.
  • A Maintenance Agreement today can prevent a costlier problem in the future.

Take a look at this recent video taken at a customer’s home who neglected to maintain their air conditioning unit. In addition to having to repair the unit, the ductwork was filled with mold, so the entire ductwork needed to be replaced––and a new UV light was installed to prevent future mold.

So, Why Would You Wait?

Call Dignified Air Services to protect your investment and the indoor air quality you are breathing inside your home.
We are here to answer your call today and will be here to service your system tomorrow. Call (561) 713-9286, or visit us.

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