3 Ways to Tell If Your A/C Is Failing

3 Ways to Tell If Your A/C Is Failing

3 Ways to Tell If Your A/C Is Failing

Some signs are subtle others can be more obvious. Either way knowing the signs of a failing air conditioning unit could help catch a problem before it gets too expensive.

1. Listen for Strange Sounds

Loud rattling or banging noises in your A/C can indicate that something is loose, or disconnected in the system. To avoid costly repairs or potentially replacing the unit completely, contact an HVAC specialist immediately. They should look at parts such as the mounts, the blower, or motor bearings. If the rattling is coming from the external fan unit, it could indicate a serious problem with the actual motor failing.

2. Power Bill Increase

If you begin to notice higher energy bills one of the first places you need to look is your A/C. The uptick in energy bills could be an indication of several things such as a failing compressor, an incorrectly wired thermostat, or a blown run capacitor. These issues cause your A/C unit to expend more energy and drive up costs. An assessment from Dignified Air Services will allow you to identify the problem and provide expert repair services.

3. No Cool Air

This seems like a no-brainer, but if you notice a moderate change in the cool air the first three places you should start is by checking your air filters to make sure they are clean, the return duct to see if it is clogged, and freon levels. If these are all in order–call Dignified Air Services as this could be the worst case scenario that nobody wants to hear, a failing compression unit.


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